Lyrics - As Far As You Can

Stones Balancing On Rocks

Stones balancing on rocks, balancing on stones. In a fraction of time, just one touch, it’s all gone. In the blink of an eye, like my final rhyme, These last words echo in the dimness of the time. Come close, look into our eyes. tell us what you see. Would you call us liars, would you call us thieves? It’s just what we do, it’s what we do best And the truth is just the light that robbed you of your haze. The stones didn’t fall, the stones didn’t fall. Not yet, after all, they still stand upright like a wall. The creatures still crawl. The stones didn’t fall. A layer of life in between. Crawling for cover, searching for shelter, fleeing the scene. To hesitate, to wait, no option anymore. Well, it’s time to move, it’s time for more. The stones didn’t fall, the stones didn’t fall. Not yet, after all, they still stand upright like a wall. The creatures still crawl. The stones didn’t fall.

The Lighthouse

for the rest of my life i just want to tell the truth. i’m sick of playing tricks and games and calculated moves. i don’t want to play the peacock anymore. and i just want to believe what i'm told, what i’m told. i can see the lighthouse on the shore. its sight screams help and hope galore. a touch of light in the pitch-black space, the shades don‘t speak no more. i can see the lighthouse on the shore. lord i know i don’t do all too well these days. sometimes i wish i could vanish, leave all i cherish, without a trace. i have to stay patient, i have to stay patient, i sure have to face them, these provocations. i have to take action, to budge and to breathe, to constantly keep the pace.

The Voodoo Lady

don’t dance with the voodoo lady. she’s dancing her voodoo on your heart. don’t dance with the voodoo lady. she’s gonna tear your heart apart. she knows how to dance and she knows how to smile. she knows how to push the right buttons. she knows how to talk and she sure knows how to walk, pretending she’s aware of no guilt. in one hand the needle, in the other the doll and that doll looks an awful lot like you. first a sting in your throat then a sting in your heart, then your lifeless hull collapses over you. in a darkened corner in her hut in the swamps the carcasses of poor men start to dance and the parrot in its cage bounces like on stage and sings about a bitter sweet romance. now listen to the story how i did escape her curse. i cast an evil spell on her, well i knew the worst. i made her forget how to dance and how to smile. that’s how i turned the voodoo lady’s wile.

Come, See

a prison i delve into as a volunteer. a life without meaning corrupted by fear. time laughs at me, defined horribly, a spine reminding me i pay to dear. come, see, i still want to be me. come, see, my victory. behold, behold, i make all things new. surrender is not an option, neither to sue. as long as i breathe, yeah, as long as i breathe, i will not be commanded, not come to grief. you are my landmarks that show me the way, no matter how dark, how abandoned the day. my safety nets, always in place, no matter how deep i fall, i sense your grace.


i walked a year in each cardinal direction, i travelled these lands, this ocean of sand. every step i made set me back to where i started. it looks all the same, it looks all the same. the sky and the clouds, my steps in the sand, the grains and my thoughts and the marks on my hands. sun-dried flowers crushed beneath my boots, no water to find for their long dead roots. these are the wastelands, these are the wastelands my friend. these are the wastelands and you are here till the end. left my guide on my way through this abyss, different destinations and visions of bliss. feet burning on melted concrete, lurching through canyons vibrating with heat. signs and hints, looks and words, way too much, way too much, too much that hurts. a smiling face, but eyes old as time, way too much, way too much, too much disguise. two ways to leave, two ways to go, dig a hole or fly and soar.

Hell Couldn't Hold Me

the chains around my wrists are cutting through my flesh. my skin is burning in my prison made of pain. but a mighty puissance tears me out of this hold. not even hell can stop my ride against my bane. hell couldn’t hold me. i’m riding like a ghost with the wind. hell couldn’t hold me. i’m riding ‘cause of my sins. the devil's breath down my neck, he’s seething with rage. i ride for heaven's barred gates. for me and my sins these doors are locked for good. but for all that a smile on my face. all these angels and demons hard on my heels, can’t stop me now, i know you are close. these blood red roses in my mind's eye, your smiling face and the sight as you soar.

Suburban Lemonade

flushing down the pills with suburban lemonade, the bitter taste of a numb world in my mouth. but the drugs, they don’t work anymore, i need something new. i need something stronger, i need life. i’m hovering above myself watching time pass by. another glass full of pain trickles down my throat. i know we will always be the minority. outnumbered but wearing that knowledge as a coat. you get what you pay for. a mouthful of truth, a mouthful of hate. you get what you pay for. my two cents for a suburban lemonade not enough of that white powder to cover its taste. gives a lump in the throat it’s slowing down the thoughts. that grayish fluid, a sickening ooze, their sweat, their tears, their blood, their juice. it keeps the world going, it keeps it unaware.

Better Than This

sometimes, you lose all your faith. sometimes, everything is bad and it gets worse, you lose all that you believed in. no light anywhere. sometimes, your mind breaks down, you want to cry, you want to die. sometimes, your world seems to stop. sometimes, it’s even turning to fast and you can’t hold on. your vision spins and blurs. sometimes, it’s all too much, you want to hide, but you have to fight. yes, keep on fighting desperation. no time to waste, no hesitation. your surrender is no solution. anything is better than this. sometimes, the world’s grey and mean. sometimes, you just see what you can’t stand, what you hate and what you’re sick of. you feel nothing else. sometimes, you have to ask, why do I breathe, can’t I just leave. but sometimes, there’s that light you know. sometimes, you can see the shiny sun, the blue sky and all the birds fly. and then you know you live. sometimes, it’s just that, it’s all that counts, to come around.

Hoist The Sails

i hoist the sails, the ship is back on course, the wind is freshening up. no anchor on a chain to hold me back. just the keel strong and straight, keeps me on course, keeps me from overturning, steers me through a tidal change. another reef, another scratch, i know every single one, where i got it, how it felt and how it hurt. and i know, as the journey goes on, the water smooths it. a mark, the certitude of constancy. hoist the sails, no anchor chain, trust in your ship, no one to blame hoist the sails, no turning back trust in your crew, nothing shall lack i lay on deck, watching the wind getting caught in the sails. the wood feels rough on my skin, but real and honest, keeps me grounded on the endless sea, lets me know that land’s out there. i just have to keep the rudder brassbound in my hands. my vessel will brave the sea. and if my strength abandons me, i lean on my ship. it knows the shallow waters on the course. even though the planks are moaning in the wind, even though the sails burst from time to time, even though the salt is eating away at the wood, i know, this ship brings me through waves and storms. i don’t need an anchor, ‘cause i don’t want to stop. i sail till i see the coast of home. when i reach it, i land my ship straight on the sandy beach. my home forever and love holds it there.