Lyrics - The Great Stampede

Shoot On Sight

i'm gonna shoot on sight when i catch you man running i'm gonna shoot on sight when i catch you man, i catch you man my hand's not even shaking i just keep on waiting all goes in slowmotion it feels like i can see every raindrop falling down from the clouds i'm moving faster then the light, i'm the odd one out with my guns made of sound i shoot bullets of truth getting closer every second every mile i move_ i'm the executor on a crusade for vengeance chosen by the weak ones its like i'm on the hunt for the ruthless disobeying my law written down on the bones of the ghosts of the past i'm coming for you when your neglecting the life i'm coming for you me and my hive

Blood Red Roses

i was riding on my stallion through the desert the devil on his steed by my side cause i promised him my soul for that i find my babies killer i chose the darkness to revenge the light the sun was setting on that dusty summer evening the streets all seemed like drenched in blood i felt the devils hand when i drew my gun to shoot you he kept his promise and i kept mine cause she was lying on this bed of blossoms white roses red coloured from her blood still smiling her face the one of an angel wings spread soaring high never coming back now you're lying in the dust right before me my bullet flew right through your heart with your very last breath your whispering forgive me but you killed my conscience just when you killed my babe now through the gates of hell i here the devils welcome no way back i just accept my fate looking back i can see my baby flying straight to heaven i'm smiling i know i did well

My Unicorn

i wrote that i think of you and you said you think of me too but now i'm laying on my bed my heart broken my mineconfused i Thought you were that angel i am waiting for for so long but again just another tattoo an empty bottle of booze and this desperate song you were my unicorn running through my head while making me happy you were the cause that i was feeling bad why did you tell me that you can't get me out of your head what did you feel that moment when you didn't mean what you said you're like a flower in the desert i'm not allowed to pick or taste and you're that light in the pitchblack darkness i am drawn to you're shining to bright my mind is burning in your presence but i can't turn i have to wait in pain and silence

Vultures Flying in Circles

the sky is burning the sun is glowing red at every corner i here stories about the newly walking dead i know it for sure all these stows are true the vultures flying in circles corpses pile up high in the streets at the squares while the wold turns into the devils bloody fair all that remains that flashing sun as the vultures pass by and their wings bring the dark all that remains these cutting shades that static noise in my ears and the void nothing else the priests cry for blood the excitement in their eyes they tell me stories about redemption while the world slowly dies is it the end of the beginning the beginning of the end the vultures croaking the answer the point of view is crucial to know which side you're on but i guess it's anyway not your song be sung the road in front of me is empty every place deserted from all directions deep dark clouds to late to be alert somewhere behind me i here the last cries for help but when i turn i just can see my self a mirror a lake filled with sorrows and regrets the final lie on the deathbed doctors pastors and healers they still talk about vital signs but i guess our patient took its last breath took its last breath and died

A Monster Rising

in my guts its rising in my guts it grows in my guts i feel it poking and through my guts it flows i wanna set i free i wanna look in to its eyes i wanna let it out i wanna watch i wanna see you when it cries its raging through my mind insane like the ghosts of nightmares past waves rolling never stopping the purest feelings that last holding it back just pointless its fate slashing its way through your mind through space and time and you will know its judgement day see that monster rising made of disturbance an noise finaly it heard my praises i'm gonna drive it with my voice its the same rage that i nourish like a child the sting it started the same old familiar thoughts becoming louder faster and harder

Dead City

just another dead city look at all those grey faces the same sad expressions like all hope is gone just another dead city not even all that man-made light dan cover that lack of life i m in a constant persuit of happiness i am searching for that mindless kind Of bliss but everywhere i go i lose bit more and it feels like i ve been at that place before trecognize this suffer this fear and pain i khow those marionettes led by wires an chains those demons laugh at me invite me to join in but its me who created them so its my turn to grin have you ever seen the light while you ve been walking these streets are you aware of the luck you're chosen to receive Can you tell me how it feels to be lucky to be loved because i just can see the demons on the black sky above

Miss Martin

i know your home is here by the'rivers and the rocks by the green green grass of home and where i breathe and walk you may see the oceans coasts you may feel the deserts winds you may fly over mountains over valleys over hills but you're heart will guide your way it will tell you there's a lack then you'll call it a day and then you're coming back • where you saw the light of day the place where you learned to fly the place where you learned to love you're gonna die fly sweet miss martin i know it looks like snow i guess you gotta go fly sweet miss martin when you're coming back you're telling tales of woe can you here the call can you feel it sense that tension it runs through your viens like a drug it lets you shake you're running out of patience and running out of time the wind tells you the story about the trip you have to take but at the end of the world no satisfaction no relief you'll still feel that hunger you'll still feel that grief and then you'll spread your wings again the call afresh an clear then You'll know the truth and you'll start to believe

All Mine

we had a good thing going soaring high with butterflys everything that crossed my way was just a gloss to pass by i didn't see that slashin knife untill it stroke my back it came from behind in a way i least expected now i'm laying on the floor my blood is wetting suit but i get the grip i pull it out get up and get through my hands are still shaking and i feel my knees are weak but i'm starting getting stronger day by day week by week i aint just barking at the moon no i am out for a kill and my pack is running with me looking forward to that thrill i'm not out for revenge brit sure somebody has to bleed so don't worry about me now i'm alway landing on my feet i want it all back i claim everything for me every smile every moment everything that has been it's all mine i claim everything for me it's all mine everything that has been i got the track and the air is filled with the tempting smell of feari it's like i sence every movement and i know my pray is near the beginning of the feast has come i relish every bite • but for one short-time moment my bloodthirst satisfied but there has more to come that's not all i know for sure so i keep on searching hunting and i hope i find a cure you may leave me now you can go never come again but first i want my feelings back it almost feels like i wasted them the slaughter in my mind will find an end a happy one through the voice of an angel with eyes brighter than the sun at that day of true redemption i get back everything that's mine lay down the blade lean back find peace for my soul my heart my mind

Thoughts That Will Kill You

when all the stars are falling down and you can see what you have one walking all the streets all alone, all is gone can't you seethe world has changed everything turns into dark and you realize, you tossed the dice its all been your fault cought in the grip of your own demon in the mirror you see its face its your mind getting ripped hold in a vault that's why you lied not truly yours you're gonna die and i'm the source of the thoughts that will kill you your own thoughts if you want to get my heart girl you've got to get through to your own one first just if you know what you want to drink yourself you will know how to quench my thirst it loves you, it hates you, it wants you, it rapes you i'm an angel with broken wings wanted to fly, but i'm falling down i'm an angel, knew how to sing but the cries are to loud just if you know how it feels to be like me you will know girl how it hurts

Still Here

i wished you would come stop me crying i could cry for years and for years i wished you would save me from drowning drowning in my own tears you think there's no cause to be crying no cause to suffer to be in agony you think that i'm a liar but you are still here you're still here you're still watching you're still here on your own you're still here and you're not laughing just why you don't know it seems you are waiting like i am waiting for something we don't know is it the devil or is it Jesus or is it maybe eachothers foe you're telling lies you're gonna leave you're gonna pass away you're gonna go you're gonna flee but here you are and stay so tell me what you're gonna do and tell me what you have to say now say